Patios & Firepits

Why install Brick Pavers for a Patio?

Backyard Patios create a valuable connection between the indoors and the outdoors. Homeowners like you want to enjoy their homes, but they also see upgrading their back yards as an investment. A Patio Pavers or Travertine patio invites you and your family to enjoy the outdoors.

When choosing the flooring material for a patio, a homeowner must consider the safety, comfort, style and design for your outdoor living home project. Professionally installed Brick Pavers is the best upgrade option because they have a non-slip surface, they are comfortable to walk on, they have a classy appearance and can be designed in a variety of patterns, shapes and colors.

Backyards and decks are slowly being transformed as alternative living spaces. With the right materials, these spots can become the go-to places for relaxation, cooking and entertainment. Using concrete Pavers for patios is becoming more and more popular in the United States, specially in Florida because of their affordability, strength, and durability.

Pavers transform your outdoor living space and set the stage for backyard parties, cookouts or a relaxing space. And the heart and soul of the backyard resort area is the concrete patio.

Firepits and fireplaces are a focal point for your outdoor living space and provide a charming venue for entertaining and relaxing with family and friends.

A Patio Pavers offer a wide variety of paving options. With the many sizes, shapes, colors, designs and patterns available, combined with slip resistance and attractive finishes, patio pavers are one of the most versatile paving products available.

Patio pavers create entertaining areas ranging from informal, intimate spaces to large, formal terraces. Steps provide comfortable transitions from one level to another.

Porches, decks, and patios covered with concrete patio pavers have become the go-to places for personal relaxation, cooking and entertaining guests. It is not surprising to find backyards being transformed to luxurious extensions of a house. Among home improvement materials, patio pavers are becoming increasingly popular due to their aesthetics, durability and affordability.

Why choosing ABC PAVERS to design & install my Pavers or Travertine?

  • ABC PAVERS specializes in Pavers & Travertine outdoor installation, sealing and restoration¬†only!¬† You would notice many other companies offer “Pavers & landscaping services”, “Pavers (outdoors) and tile (indoors) installation”, “Pavers & poured concrete services”, etc.¬†The Pavers & “other combinations” services keep going on and on… ABC PAVERS design & install, seal, restore Pavers & Travertine for outdoor spaces.¬†And we are the best at it!
  • Licensed Bonded & Insured: ABC PAVERS is a Licensed, Insured and bonded contractor. Don’t risk your hard earned money in the hands of an unlicensed contractor and hope for the best. We take care of your needs from the first time you contact us until and beyond your outdoor project is completed. We carry general liability insurance.
  • ABC PAVERS is your Local Paver & Travertine installer contractor¬†serving your neighborhood in Pinellas, Hillsborough & Pasco counties.

ABC PAVERS is a local Tampa Licensed, Insured & Bonded contractor who listens to your needs, works with your budget and will make your vision of an outdoor living space a reality. Request a FREE ESTIMATE TODAY!
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